I'm a board-certified Health Coach, a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the author of The Get Real Diet, available on Amazon.com.  I'm also a mother to two very active young boys, an avid tennis player and school volunteer and a far from perfect home cook.

Like you, I usually feel like I have too much "on my plate" and too little time. However, because of the information I've studied and the changes I've made in my diet and lifestyle, I do find the time to put real, nutritious food on my actual plate at almost every meal (I follow the 90/10 rule because everyone deserves a treat now and then). Over the past five years I've shared my nutrition advice and weight management strategies with numerous people – from my health coaching clients to the attendees in the corporate workshops I give to the people who read my book and follow me on social media – and I know they work.

I'm a believer in the possible. I give people tips and tools for eating healthier that they can put into place immediately. I don't forbid certain foods or preach about one way of eating over another. I believe no one diet fits all, just as no one size fits all. 

If you want to eat better, feel better and look better within a matter of weeks, contact me to discuss my health coaching programs (individual, small group or corporate) or simply click here to order my book The Get Real Diet. Start your journey to inhabiting health today.

lindsay@inhabithealth.com or 404-919-6237